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What do you think of conservatives? Do you think their views are rooted in racism, ignorance, and intolerance? Or is it just possible that they have valid reasons for thinking the way they do? Former leftist activist and now PragerU personality Amala Ekpunobi breaks it down in PragerU’s 500th 5-Minute Video.
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Why do you hate conservatives? Well let’s not say hate. Let’s say dislike, because you don’t really hate anyone.
You may dislike them because they want to ban abortion. Conservatives say they’re all for freedom, but when it comes to a woman’s freedom to choose what she wants to do with her own body, they sing a different tune.
You may dislike them because they oppress people of color and deny the fact that America is systemically racist. Conservatives say that everybody is equal regardless of race, and that racism has little to no effect on the daily lives of people of color. So they just ignore the issue altogether.
You may dislike them because they don’t believe in climate change. Scientists keep telling us we’re overheating the planet and conservatives don’t seem to care. They’re more concerned about profits than people. But what good is money if you have no planet to spend it on?
You may dislike them because they’re obsessed with guns. How are we ever going to stop gun violence if we don’t get guns off the streets? And how are we ever going to get guns off the streets, if conservatives block every commonsense gun law?
You may dislike them because they’re so intolerant. What’s the harm of calling somebody by their preferred pronouns? Why can’t conservatives just show some compassion instead of obsessing over every kind of behavior they don’t like?
You may dislike them because if they got their way, they’d get rid of democracy and establish an authoritarian theocracy. Bye-bye separation of church and state. Hello, fascism.
After all that, you might sum up conservatives in one word: ugh.
If any of this resonates with you, I get it. I’ve been there. But—and this surprised me—I found they actually have reasons for thinking the way they do.
Here are some of them.
On abortion: To start, we can agree that no one likes abortion. But there is a clear divide on the issue. Progressives focus their attention on the mother. Conservatives, while they have compassion for the mother, focus their attention on the baby. They see a human being growing in a mother’s womb as innocent and vulnerable. Those babies deserve to be protected, since they obviously can’t protect themselves.
On racism: Conservatives don’t deny that racist people exist, but when it comes to the narrative of systemic racism, conservatives are unconvinced. Of course there are disparities in this country, but why assume that these disparities are because of racism? Good schools, good parents, good habits, and good communities would go much further toward alleviating poverty and expanding opportunity than a lifetime of racial justice movements. By the way, these rules apply to everyone, regardless of skin color.
On climate change: Conservatives have very little faith in computer models that have been inaccurately predicting disaster for nearly half a century. Conservatives have a lot of faith, however, in human ingenuity to overcome climate. What is air conditioning but a human adaptation to the environment? See Miami or Phoenix for further reference. This is not to say we should simply do nothing. Nuclear power, for example, holds so much promise as a renewable and safe energy source. Conservatives don’t understand why environmentalists oppose it. It makes them skeptical—and suspicious—that the real agenda behind the environmentalist movement is not saving the planet, but giving more power to the government to control people’s lives.
For the full script, visit: https://www.prageru.com/video/why-do-you-hate-conservatives
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