Macroevolution is Pseudoscience
on August 6, 2022 16 views
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A must-watch Film that provides amazing evidence for Biblical Creation:
Is the story of Adam and Eve unscientific myth or literal history? Watch scene 4 from Dismantled Evolution documentary film to learn about the remarkable evidence from modern genetics that sheds light on the origin of man.
Summary of Topics Discussed in Scene 4: Geneticists and biologists are interviewed on the topic of chimp/human DNA similarities, the waiting time for rare beneficial mutations to become fixed in a hominin population, genetic evidence for a recent, historical Adam and Eve ancestry, a global human migration from the Middle East (Out of Babel vs Out of Africa model), discrepancies in molecular clock dating, the problem with Coalescent Theory, and more.
To own or stream the full-length documentary film, which covers additional fields of science including biology and paleoanthropology (i.e., hominin fossils), visit​
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