Macroevolution is Pseudoscience
on March 13, 2022 25 views
When Charles Darwin published “On the Origin of Species” in 1859, he was painstakingly aware of the fact that the fossil record diametrically opposed his theory. Ever since Darwin’s time, paleontologists have put their finger on the Cambrian explosion, where most of the major animal phyla appear abruptly in the fossil record suddenly and without any evidence of intermediate forms preceding them in Precambrian strata.
This video is part of "Basics of Intelligent Design Biology," a video series reviewing scientific problems with the Darwinian (and neo-Darwinian) evolution of animal life. The first four episodes (season 1) will review the basics of the Cambrian explosion and failed evolutionary attempts to explain it using Precambrian fossils, punctuated equilibrium, and the tree of life.
This series is a partnership between Discovery Institute and Lukas Ruegger, creator of the Deflate YouTube Channel (, which has lots of great content dealing with science-faith questions and intelligent design.
For more information on the Cambrian explosion and problems with Darwinian explanations for the origin of animals, be sure to also check out the Darwin’s Doubt website and book
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