Macroevolution is Pseudoscience
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Points of Origins
November 30, 2018 · ·
Dino-bird missing link ... still missing!
Shortly after Darwin published his book in 1859, several "missing link" fossils were tossed up to the science community, in response to Darwin's plaintive plea in his book that perhaps ... one day ... those missing links would be found. Along with the Neanderthal fossil (which is now reclassified as Homo sapiens or ... just people!) was the Archaeopteryx lithographica fossil ... often called "Archie" for short. Check it out. It's a bird. Keep thinking. DrJ
Note: These posts are from the older FaceBook video archives of my public figure page also called “Points of Origins.” We are just moving all of the vlogs from there … to here on YouTube … gradually. Enjoy. Yours, Dr. Jackson
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