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Lucy is 40% of an extinct 3.5 foot ape that knuckle walked, had stronger arms than legs like chimps, is believed to have died from falling out of a tree based on the bone fractures and was found in the same layer of sedimentary rock as footprints that can only be described as human footprints. These footprints were obviously not from Lucy since they were found 1000 miles away (and because Lucy didn't have human feet) but this didn't stop them from publishing that these footprints came from Lucy's species, australopithecus afarensis. This sedimentary rock layer was radiometrically dated (using potassium-argon) to be 3.5 million years old which just so happens to be the time they wanted it to be for "bipedal human evolution". There's just one major problem... they were only off by 3.5 million years. The human footprints they found can't be anywhere close to that old according to ANY timeline, including the "human evolution" timeline. The pelvis and feet were fraudulently reconstructed to show bipedal evolution where there wasn't any and just like a lot of other frauds, the lies perpetuate in science museums and literature. The assumptions presented as facts show nothing but wishful desperation to find evidence for evolution where there is none. However, when you don't tamper with it or force it to fit, the evidence lines up perfectly with Biblical creation. 

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