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by on September 2, 2021
By Jay Zeke Malakai
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It's all too easy to brush aliens off as imaginary hogwash. Just another strange fantasy made up by men. Nevertheless, many people in this world believe in aliens, even to the point of forming religious views around them. Therefore, as Christians, we can't afford to just brush them off like they're nothing. It's an issue that we really need to figure out how to deal with.

In the world today, many people truly believe they have actually encountered aliens. Far more than can be dismissed as just drunken babblings or hallucinations. As a matter of fact, some otherwise very normal people believe they have encountered aliens. This is not a coincidence. These people are encountering something. But what?

A very interesting fact that secular ufologists do not understand is that supposed alien abductions can be ended by the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Whenever an abductee calls on Jesus, the abduction ends. "Aliens" are terrified of Jesus. When commanded in His name, they flee, usually permanently.

Now, it makes no sense for some kind of advanced being to travel billions of lightyears through hostile space only to be scared of the name of some dead guy from 2,000 years ago. Even if He was a famous dead guy, no other name works. You can't invoke Buddha, you can't invoke Muhammad, you can't invoke the Guru Nanak, you can't even invoke other biblical figures like Mary or an Apostle. Only Jesus works on these things. And yet, Jesus does work on these things.

Of course, as Christians, we know that Jesus isn't just some dead guy. He's the King of kings and Lord of lords. But even that doesn't explain why aliens flee. Calling on Jesus doesn't often stop animals, nor does it usually stop other humans. But it stops aliens. Why are aliens special? Because demons are special.

It is never wise to underestimate the deceptive power of Satan and his forces. He is perfectly capable of disguising himself as an angel of light, and his minions are just as capable of strong deception. This is something we need to be aware of. Now, what hinders demons from becoming "aliens"? Nothing. Aliens, in a sense, do exist, and they have been harassing our brothers in Adam for centuries. But they are not physical beings from another planet. They are demons in fancy dress. That is why they cannot resist the name of the Lord. They fear Him as any demon does. And when He commands, they must flee.

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