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by on September 22, 2021
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As Christians, faith is an absolute requirement. We receive grace by faith (Ephesians 2:8-9), it is impossible to please God without faith (Hebrews 11:6), and we walk by faith rather than sight (2 Corinthians 5:7).

During the storm, the disciples were so afraid, they woke Jesus from His sleep, saying "we're going to die!" But Jesus, without a hint of fear, stood up, told the storm to cease, and proceeded to rebuke them.

Now, notice first how Jesus didn't actually need their faith. They were panicking like dogs in a thunderstorm, Jesus wasn't hindered a bit. He didn't try to calm the storm, but fail because the disciples wouldn't believe. The storm didn't calm down only a little, yet continue to rock the boat until the disciples also calmed down. The storm certainly wasn't caused by a lack of faith. No, Jesus simply rebuked it, and it obeyed. Thus, the frustratingly common belief that Jesus needs your faith to answer your prayers is wrong. Now, does it help? Certainly. It dictates how Jesus is likely to respond to you. But Jesus remains sovereign, needing your faith as little as He needs your consent.

Second, notice how Jesus was sleeping. He likely knew the storm was coming. Even having laid aside His glory, He seems to have had full knowledge of every event that would occur during His life. Yet still, He slept. And the storm began, yet the disciples had to wake Him. This imitates God's apparent absence in our trials. Is He not close by? Of course He is. And sometimes, He just waits for us to come to Him before He does anything about the situation we are in. But just because He seems absent in our troubles does not mean He is. He's right there, and if He's not immediately doing anything obvious, it's because He knows He doesn't need to. That storm wasn't going to kill the disciples, and He knew it. Instead, when they came to God, He used it to His glory.

So when your trials come, and God doesn't seem active, picture Him sleeping on your boat. The boat may rock, and there is no harm in waking Him. Indeed, you should wake Him. But remember His question: Where is your faith? Jesus knows what you're going through, and He can sort this situation out. Seek Him, and have faith in Him.

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