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by on September 20, 2021
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A rule I wish celebrities (or people in general) would learn is never apologise the radical Left. Whether an individual or a mob, Leftists spend the majority of their lives looking for things to be offended by. When they see a celebrity endorsing a thing they don't like, associating with a group they find disagreeable, or promoting a cause they oppose, they sharpen their pitchforks, light their torches, and start screaming "bigot, bigot!" And the result is the celebrity backs down. "I'm sorry, it was ignorant of me, I'll try to learn in the future". Waa waa waa, cry me a river.

This kind of cowardice is annoying when it comes from anyone, but when a Christian does it, and especially when that Christian denounces other Christians in the process, that ticks me off quite a bit. But in the end, it's not me who you need to worry about ticking off. What can I do? I can say a few stern words, I can do the opposite of what you do in my own life, and I can post about it, but what I can't do is condemn you.

But God can. And that's a problem for you. You can offend Leftists all day long, and in all honesty, you will. They are bullies and cowards. They are looking for reasons to be offended, and when they can't find one, they'll make one up. They're terrified of the truth, and so they will bully anyone who dares to hint at it. But at the end of the day, that's all they are. They are bullies.

Now, tell me, who did you fear more in school? The bully, or the head master? It may have been the bully. I get that. We're not living in an era where the head master carries a well used cane, after all, so it makes sense for a kid to fear a punch in the face more than a stern telling off. But let's be honest here: In a schoolyard, no student has the authority of a teacher. So it makes more sense to obey the teacher than the bully, does it not?

When it comes to real life, God is above even the head master. The government themselves have less authority than God, and when you disobey Him, there are consequences. For us, as Christians, those consequences have been dealt with, at least in the eternal sense. But what if they haven't? What if you're so worldly you're of no Heavenly good? Jesus tells us plainly that whoever denies Him before men, He will deny them before the Father.

So now how much sense does it make to fear the crybullies that demand your total submission? These spoilt little children can search all they want for reasons to be offended, they will never have enough power to affect your eternity. But if you cave to them, believe me, God has that power. If you apologise to a Leftist, you have another apology to make. You have to make it to God.

Now, the glorious thing about God is that, unlike a Leftist, He will accept that apology. Three times Peter denied Christ, three times Jesus reinstated him. But how did Peter respond? He spent the rest of his life preaching Christ, and Him crucified. Eventually, tradition holds, he was crucified himself, upside down. So, if you repent of denying Jesus before men, acknowledge Him before men. If people are offended, tough luck to them. Let them deal with God's judgement. Your job is to speak, whether they listen or not.

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